Pass the Level 1 exams like hundreds of others before you with our successful Level 1 exam products. At the Level I stage of the CFA Institute’s exams, candidates are tested on their basic knowledge and comprehension of finance, quantitative, accounting and investment concepts, with some basic analysis involved. We aim to improve your focus in the following areas:

(a) CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
(b) Understanding of investment valuation and portfolio management concepts and tools
(c) Understanding of concepts related to securities and markets

Now get the 5 A Day Prep Advantage with our L2 study cards and apps reflect the increased emphasis of the CFA Institute’s exams at this stage on analysis and application. CFAI L2 exams mainly focus on the following areas and we strive to help you with these:

(a) The CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
(b) Valuation of Assets
(c) Application of investment valuation concepts
(d) Analysis at the Industry and Company levels

In the Level 3 CFA study program, candidates are required to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the materials tested at both Levels 1 and 2, as well as display effective knowledge of the entire portfolio management process.

5 A Day Prep Study Cards for the Level III CFA® Exam focuses on the following aspects:

(a) CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
(b) Institutional and individual portfolio management
(c) Portfolio management of specific asset classes

Science behind our products

The 5 a day Prep system is a study solution built on five scientifically proven principles of memory-retention


Feature-packed Apps for on-the-go Prep


Revision Tool

Our cards are designed to improve concept retention on test day and beyond

Visual Impact

Our sophisticated content design makes your study sessions much more effective


Highlight or mark any area of the page and alternate nibs/colors

Add notes

Type and insert your own notes anywhere on the page for future reference

Edition search

Perform in-edition searches from the app menu to find what you need when you need it

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Create your own study system by adding acronyms, references and much more to our cards


Our drop-down content menu and thumbnail slider makes navigation a breeze


Helps you navigate quickly through the entire pack of cards

Star Search

Perform starred-searches to pull out all your highlights,notes and bookmarks


Regular updates makes the most current CFA® study material available to our students


Got my results today – I passed level 1. Thanks for the flash cards! They helped!

- Kristina Winocour on 28 Jan 2014

Useful to prepare quickly, stable app Thankfully, no crashes as yet with this app. I am happy to report that this app has helped me get through several long readings in a few hours. I found their material design to be unique with related concepts put together on one page. This makes remembering easier.

- Alexander Flame on 2 Nov 2013 at 10:44

Customer service is terrific, I bought the in-app purchase and found some study cards a bit abbreviated but I wrote to them and they added more content within a day.

- Israt Ahmed on 21 Nov 2013 at 21:34

I like 5 A Day’s idea of presenting only concepts relevant to the CFA exam. Love the bright colors and highlighting feature- helps me stay focused.

- Great concept! by Aditya2989 - Version 1.0 - Nov 1, 2013

Just to inform you that few hours back i have collected the parcel.Card seems very informative & effective.Thank you so much for delivering the parcel within this short time.

- Anwar Zaman

I was intrigued by your study system and the ‘science’ behind it and can vouch for its effectiveness; as it turns out I had unknowingly followed a very similar system while studying for my exams! To prepare for the exam, I would study the concepts from the CFAI books, making summarized notes and testing my understanding along the way, and would then use my notes to review the concepts twice before the exam. Making the summarized notes was the most time consuming but most important part of my study program. Naturally, reviewing these is much less intimidating than going through the entire material again. In fact for many other candidates with full-time jobs, the latter option is not even possible. The flash cards you offer would have definitely come in handy and would have saved me hours and hours of note taking!

- Rand Al Shaikh, CFA

Pricing Plans

For the discerning print reader

High Quality, Full Color Printed Cards

85 GBP

  • Obtain our study cards in high quality, full color print
  • 350+ 6×4 inch individually designed full color study cards, packed with concepts, formulae, examples and tips
  • Success manual to guide your preparation
  • Covers all sessions and readings from the most up-to-date 2014 December CFA® L1 Curriculum
  • Never lose your notes again, annotate in the blank notes area at the back of each card


Study Cards (CFA L1 2015)

350 + study cards printed in full colour on sturdy 290 gsm card stock

Price: £85.00

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Print+Desktop + Online Access

* All Inclusive. Our study cards in print, as a desktop app and online though a browser
* Includes 1-year access to 5 A Day Prep’s Online Web application (from internet browser) as well as Desktop app for Mac/Windows

Price: £95.00

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